About us

Welcome to Hobbykort, your local webshop for collectible cards and accessories! We, who run Hobbykort, have extensive experience in the hobby and created this website to share the joy, knowledge and offer favorable prices. Our goal is to create and promote a community for those of you who share our interest in the hobby.

Our Orientation:
Driven by a genuine passion for the world of collecting, we have created a platform where every collector, from beginner to veteran, can find genuine items at favorable prices. Our collection represents our commitment to quality and authenticity. Here you will find an extensive collection that is suitable both as the perfect gift or as the latest addition to your growing collection.

Quality and Authenticity:
We only work with trusted suppliers and guarantee that every item in our range meets the strictest standards of authenticity. With us you can shop with complete confidence.

Do you have questions or need guidance? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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